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Alien probe in Florence

Alien probe in Florence - © Copyright 2009 Pega

Piazzale Michelangelo is a primary touristic stop in Florence, visited by hundreds (or thousands in some periods) people every day.

1) No one (human) uses or try to use (properly) this device since circa 1957.
2) No one (human or not) collects, or try to collect money from inside… (either tries to stole anything).
3) This device is posted in one of the most beautiful sightseeing photo spots of the world… and is not as nice as one could desire…
4) This device is perfectly blue but no painter has been seen at work for many years.
5) Writings on it say it can be used to have a “horoscope” (?!?!?)

So, if it is not an alien probe… What else can it be ?



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